A Night With Homeless People

Back in May 2017, I challenged myself to pass a night with homeless people.  A solo trip for one month, from the Capital, Rabat to the south of Morocco. More than 2000Km of adventures and free life. Just alone, taking roads before meeting backpackers from all over the World.

I spent a night with homeless people in a public garden. What I felt about that, is unforgettable. Simple people opened their hearts to me, told me their stories, and how they ended up in the streets.

Homeless people were Normal just like every one of us, but in a moment everything has changed.

I couldn’t stop thinking about them. They didn’t have anything to eat, or where to sleep, they had nothing. So I had to do something for them, I couldn’t stay and just look at their miserable lives, I have to do something to change their lives.

Traveling can change the way we see the world. That’s what I experienced from that trip.

My 11th night was in Azrou, a small Moroccan beautiful city full of homeless people just like a hundred of other cities in the world. Millions of people don’t have access to clean food and water.

I heard three stories, just three stories of three people : Latifa, Mohammed, and Abdallah.

Three touching stories, which changed my whole life. When each one of us looks at a person searching for what to eat in the garbage, we don’t act. Because simply we consider that as something normal. It’s like part of our daily routine.

But when I lived that with them, everything started to make sense. We are all wrong about the way we see those people. So I decided to act.

My idea was very simple, I decided to start a project called Zero Hunger, in a form of a Non-Profit Organization, to take extra food from restaurants, then organize this food and share it daily & for free.

Homeless people are just like us.
Me and one of our teams celebrating our achievements

The idea was simple, but the impact was very huge not only on homeless people’s lives, but It did change everything in my life. I wrote about my strategy on this Zero Hunger Page.

"Everyone deserves a better life." - Rachid BEGGAR
“Everyone deserves a better life.” – Rachid BEGGAR

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