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6 thoughts on “Community

  1. My name is Abdelaziz I am from a small village in Errachidia region, when I was studying in primary school, we used to go for two Kilometers to reach the school. I studied hard and I was getting sick sometimes, my mother was always there from me.
    I moved several times during my studies. One time I was with my brother in a big car we had an accident in he died, then my life turned up pessimist and tragic. I have loved maths. I studied in preparatory classes in Errachdia. We were four roommates one of us abandoned and now studying in 1337, the other is in France right now. and my best friend has died from leukemia (blood cancer). I was stupid enough to not support him when he was sick, I regret every single idea when he comes to my mind. I hope his family finds the light and a better future.
    I really love Zero hunger because of there something different in its members’ mindset. I hope you all doing well.
    Please take care of each other: your families and your friends. Believe in yourself

    1. Very touching story Abdelaziz. It’s must be very hard for you to overcome all those tragic events. I’m so proud to see you succeed in your engineering career. I hope you are recovering and doing your best. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. You inspired me to live.
    I know it sounds weird. But when we first met, I was in a bad place. And those long walks we had helped me a lot. Because you are full of life and energy! Actually you are bigger than life; whatever happens you always find a way to do whatever you want to do with a huge smile on your face! Even your walk screams ” Good vibes are here!”.
    Keep on spreading the good vibes!

  3. Hello dear friends, it’s such a pleasure to share my words with you!

    I’ve worked with Rachid Beggar on his projects as a website developer, and I was happy about that.
    The funny thing is that we never met directly hehe, but even that we learned from each other.
    Looking forward to hearing all the Inovagit great news.

    Wait for my new blog friends, I will get back to share it soon!


  4. I was there the day RACHID decided to start ZERO HUNGER association

    he was full of determination and passion that i couldn’t but support him

    as years past by i never followed on Rachid’s passion project

    until one day i started hearing people around me talking about ZERO HUNGER and even my parent who told me they saw Rachid on national television

    at that moment i felt so much happiness for my friend for making his dream come true and seeing his vison come to fruition

    I’m very proud to be Rachid’s friend , to be a friend with such a talented committed and driven person

    as a final word i would like to tell people that people such as ELON MUSK and BILL GATES do exist , people who make the world a better place

    and all we can do is HELP them with anything possible , and RACHID is one of those special people so LETS HELP HIM reach his goals and make life a better place

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