How to End Homelessness

First thing to do before reading this page, is to understand the story behind this project.

Zero Hunger is my first project, where I learned and I keep learning wonderful things every day, since May 2017. It’s a Moroccan Association, with the main goal is to feed homeless people everywhere.

First, let’s talk about the name “Zero Hunger”.

I was inspired by the SDGs, which is The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly and intended to be achieved by the year 2030. And Zero Hunger is the second SDG.

So I wanted to participate in the global efforts to eradicate poverty and end hunger by my way. I developed a strategy where I focused in Homeless people (Moroccan or not) in Morocco as a target.

The strategy behind Zero Hunger is divided into 5 Steps :

Start with trust

As you see, the first step of Zero Hunger strategy to save homeless people is trust. Without trust, people will never give you true information, and without real data, you can’t know how to help.

So to build this trust, I and my team decided to keep meeting homeless people every week, to build a real relationship, thus creating links of trust.

The question here is, we need some “cause” to meet these people every week, so we can talk to them and keep in touch with them. And here we came to Food.

Food is our tool to keep periodic activities, and keep asking the same question then we can filter true answers. but the problem is that how to find the food to distribute it?

In the beginning, I started observing what makes our Moroccan culture unique? While traveling across the kingdom, many families had hosted me and offer me free food and shelter even they never met me.

During Ramadan, people share their food with others. When you walk in Moroccan streets you might see some restaurants offer free meals and everyone can eat there.

So the first project to launch in Zero Hunger, and by the way, had succeed very well is :

Feedact : Let’s share our food

Feedact is a very simple project to feed homeless people. “Come and bring your food” and this way, 9 people can feed more than 20 homeless people. The same people bring, prepare, and distribute meals.

And when I said “the project succeed” here is what I mean :

  • 260K Meals : People are so amazing when they work together. A post in Facebook, a huge number of meals.
  • 22 Cities : The majority of Moroccan cities joined Zero Hunger Network, the simplicity made it easy to duplicate.
  • 4000 Volunteers : A lot of people joined everywhere. The social media strategy, helped to attract volunteers.

WeCare : Let’s make it easy for you

Feedact is about making volunteers come and bring food, but there are a lot of people who want to help but with commitments, they can’t join us to prepare food and distribute it.

So in April 2018, I came up with this idea : What if we partnered with local stores, so the 40 Million Moroccan can buy food, keep it with the local store and then our team collect it, prepare it and distribute it.

I studied the project very well for 4 months, and we launch the test in Casablanca. And it worked!

Here are my projections in two years, based on 10% of the population will participate :

  • 1/2 M Meals : We expect to distribure half a million meals in 20 cities, with the participation of 5K Volunteers.
  • 4M Donators : Donator can be a kid who buy one cheese and participate with it.
  • 12M SMS : We are developing a system to automate communication operations.

These numbers are based in real data, collected over past three years. It’s a goal to work for and it is a wonderful goal.

RestauCycle : Let’s make it bigger

What if we feed people and at the same time fight food waste? Brilliant right? Well, what if we can do both with bicycles ! and this way the equation will be :

Zero Hunger = Zero Waste + Zero CO2